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Colt Switchblade - M16K Double-Action AutoknifeDouble-Action
Pocket Knife

More than 160 years ago ... an obscure, young, Calcutta-bound seaman carved a model from a block of wood that was destined to become the world's most famous revolver. His name was "Samuel Colt". Through the spark of his inventive genius came the modern firearms we know today. Not only is Colt one of the leading manufacturers of firearms, they now produce a high-quality brand of knives. 

This beautiful Colt knife is called the M16K. It's compact design even features double-action: 

1)       Ambidextrous one hand thumb-stud opening, or

2)       Press the lower portion of the first inlay and this "Sleeper" instantly converts
     to a Colt automatic!

The Colt M16K looks and functions just like most modern day Tactical Folding Pocketknives, however, it is also a cleverly built automatic knife that fully conceals the optional spring-action release. Use the thumb-stud to slowly strut the blade out into the open position, or, press on the hidden lever and the blade quickly snaps out under spring pressure with a symphony of clicks!

Even upon close inspection, I doubt your friends would be able to detect its clandestine switchblade capability. 

It also features a razor honed, 440 stainless steel drop-point tanto/serrated blade (60/40), and stainless steel hex head screw construction with tools to allow it to be easily field stripped for cleaning and adjusting. The closed length is 4˝ inches with a blade length of 3˝ inches. The housing is made of lightweight aluminum with a black Magna-grip rubberized coating that resists moisture and insulates against extreme cold while providing a secure grip. It has a belt/pocket clip that is embossed with the world-famous COLT logo, and their Stallion trademark is also etched on the blade. There is no mistaking this beautiful knife with a poor quality knockoff! 

In 1999, when Colt released this unique switchblade to the public, they only made a limited production run before selling the patent to another knife manufacturer (unfortunately, there will be no more quality COLT auto-knives made).  

This one-of-a-kind switchblade is very hard to find locally because Federal Law prohibits sale and transportation across state lines. Also, depending on the state, most auto-knife dealers will only sell to government or law enforcement personnel. As rare as these knives are ... I can still offer them at their original bargain price of $150 to Arizona residents only. 

To inquire on availability (only in Arizona), call:

RJTaylor Enterprises
Phoenix, Arizona (623) 930-9949 

NOTE: This unique item can not be sold using our secure PayPal shopping cart system. To order, please send a check or money order to the address listed in our contact us area.

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Annoying, yet, Informative Disclaimer: This item is ONLY offered to Arizona customers! Good News ... according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, pocketknives 4-inches or less, may be legally carried and concealed, without a special permit. Fortunately, auto-knives are not currently banned within Arizona, nor should they be in our opinion. Please double-check with your own local and state laws, before carrying any type of weapon. When in doubt regarding concealment, either buy an open-carry knife holster, or simply utilize the built-in pocket clip to keep our Colt knife sticking out of your pocket and visible at all times. When traveling, try and be mindful of local laws as well. Although our Colt is of legal size to carry concealed in Arizona and many other states, California for example, only permits 2-inch novelty auto-knives. To help avoid most of these issues, it is generally best never to disclose to anyone but family members, or, security who question you directly on this topic, that your pocketknife also has legal auto-knife capability. If an officer were to ask if you are carrying any weapons, always be truthful, but simply say that you carry a pocketknife, instead of admitting that you have a switchblade concealed in your pocket! Unnecessary disclosure, combined with someone's own confusion regarding the current local laws, could cause you undue grief and delay trying to verify your claims were indeed correct after all. Try not to instinctively reach for the knife as you answer YES to this type of question either, wait for the officer to typically ask for "temporary possession" of the knife before reaching anywhere unexpected. To an officer in their bullet-proof vest, someone carrying a knife within a 21-foot distance, is considered more dangerous than someone carrying a gun!

RJTaylor Enterprises is dedicated to offering our customers more than just products to buy. We also include the important services and truthful practical-advise that can help our customers make a better informed buying decision in this complex world we all live in. However, our brief comments or suggestions should in no way be considered legal-advice or counsel. Always consult the proper authorities in your area to verify the current facts, or to uncover any proposed changes currently under deliberation within the local legal systems your own votes govern.

If you are a resident of Arizona and would like information about obtaining a concealed weapons permit so you can carry all types of defensive weapons legally, like a firearm, I have written a report regarding this process that you may find very useful which includes cost-saving ideas, local resources, as well as other helpful information. Without a permit, defending yourself from attack using something as common as Mace or a Stun Gun hidden inside a women's purse, could get the victim in serious legal trouble, possibly even sued by the alleged attacker or their family. I suspect this is why they are technically called weapon permits, and not, gun permits. Visit our CCW page for more information on this unique report.


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